Oct 31

The Wedding Wish List

31czppowi6lLet me start by saying the idea for this post came from my youngest, she has made her parents proud, she worked hard studied hard and stayed focused even with a cell phone always in hand. There was the graduation, the graduation party, moving into her first apartment with her childhood BFF and now engaged to be married.
There are so many wedding list online but not what I was looking for with this post. When I decided this may not be a bad idea I had to decide what type of list I wanted to post, I wanted something I believed to be more relevant to the times we are living in. Our daughter is living on her own and her fiancé is living on his own and has been for quite some time. So what do you gift the couple who has the basics but not all the essentials.
On that note I decided that this list needed to be practical and relevant. No one really wants to return a bunch of gifts that will not be used and while gift cards are a easy out for many and allow the couple to buy whatever they desire there is a wonderful feeling knowing that your gift was needed and will be appreciated and used. These gifts are not difficult to pick there are so many small kitchen essentials that make kitchen duties so much more rewarding and easier. There are the useful bathroom and utility gifts that are unintentionally not thought of until needed.
Of course there are the his and hers gifts but not all are practical and if they have already been living on their own each one probably already have enough cups and drinking glasses, bowls, plates, silverware and pots and pans along with a small amount of cooking utensils and if not enough separately certainly once the newly married couple start sharing the same space there will be two sets of the basics.
While it is more economical when living on your own to prepare your meals and pack your lunches and buy healthy snacks, some singles enjoy eating out, socializing with friends, attending social functions, traveling, visiting family and so not a great deal of cooking is being done for everyday of the week and so the need for kitchen gadgets are a waste of space and money and therefore not purchased.
The Wedding Wish List is only a list of gifts seen through the eyes of a soon to be married young woman and I hope you will find a great deal of useful and helpful ideas for your gift giving. To view the Wedding Wish list click here.


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