Jun 24

Strawberry Festival

Every year The Historical Society celebrates a Strawberry Festival on the Square. Last year I attended the festival with my daughter for the first time and I was so excited to be going because I love strawberries. When my children were little I would take them to the farms to pick Strawberries, so to have a Strawberry Festival on the Square was very exciting. I had visions of strawberry baskets in my head, I was going to buy at least 3-4 and freeze them. Well there were no baskets of strawberries for sale and believe me I searched the entire event looking for someone who was selling strawberries by the bushel. There were tickets you could purchase to get strawberry shortcake or other strawberry desserts. However, since I am a crafter I still had a wonderful time looking at all the displays from the various vendors.

This year the Strawberry Festival was held June 10th – June 12th and I attended two out of the three days. This time I knew there would be no vendors selling strawberries however I attended looking for vendors and to see what was selling and what people were buying. The first day my husband and I enjoyed good food, entertainment, and ice cream. As we walked around the event there were some wonderful vendors selling so many handmade crafts. This year there were so many vendors that they stretched across the train tracks. There was plenty of entertainment for families with children and unfortunately us dog lovers had to leave our four legged family members at home.

There were vendors selling handmade ceramic pieces, at least five vendors selling jewelry and some was handmade, there was a vendor selling handmade metal figurines for your yard and signs for the man cave everything this vendor displayed was unique, after speaking with him I found out he was not local but was from Florida and traveled all around the country selling his crafts, I definitely look forward to seeing his craft display next year. There was a vendor selling gourmet cookies and cupcakes, his display case was absolutely impeccable. I stared at and studied it for quite some time, there had to be at least 40-50 different flavors and frostings, I had never seen so many different cupcakes, it was so nicely displayed that on day two of my visit I went back to see it again.

Now on day two I went back with a different mindset, I wanted to talk with the metal crafter, and see some of the vendors I had missed. I was not disappointed, I came across some ladies called “Jazzie Biddies” and they had a variety of craft items on display such as hand sewn aprons, plastic canvas tissue boxes, handmade jewelry, lap quilts, hats and more. After speaking with them I was told these ladies are retired and they travel around displaying and selling their handmade crafts. I hope to feature the wonderful items these ladies create in the future, they were kind enough to consent to me doing a featured artists blog with them and they did allow me to take photos, thank you to the “Jazzie Biddies”.

There was another wonderful vendor selling homemade jellies and jams and she was allowing taste testing. There were so many jams and jellies I was not sure which one to try but I settled on the pumpkin butter jam and it did not disappoint me. I should have bought a few jars but I will kick myself later. Netta’s Homemade Jellies & Jams had a wonderful display and the taste testing was an added bonus, I hope to feature her craft in the future, she was kind enough to consent to me doing a featured artists blog and she did allow me to take photos, thank you to Netta’s Homemade Jellies & Jams.

The last vendor I visited sold handmade Peruvian Style Jewelry. They had a truly unique display, not one piece of jewelry was like any other piece of jewelry, for sure no one will be wearing what you are wearing. The father was a good salesman and his wife sat behind the display making those beautiful pieces of jewelry for everyone to see, I was truly fascinated with this family venture and they were absolutely beautiful. I did purchase two pairs of earrings but I could have purchased the elegantly displayed necklaces and so many different colored beautiful earrings. I did speak with her about being a featured artists and I hope to feature her on a future blog. The work her mom and she does it worth seeing. I have included the photo of the two pairs of earrings I purchased to give you some hint of what you can expect from “Gift and Love Inc.”

I can hardly wait for the next event on the square to see what the vendors have crafted. I am definitely going to look for all three of the vendors I spoke with on day two of my visit to the Strawberry Festival.



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