Jun 08

Scotty Quilt for my Girls

This scotties quilt is another one of my favorites and I am grateful I made an extra one for myself. When I first starting quilting there use tTerrier Quilt Top 12/2001o be some wonderful quilting programs on television in my area and one of my favorite programs was called Quilting from the Heartland with Sharlene Jorgensen. I never missed an episode and back then we had video recorders so I would record a show whenever I could not be home to watch it. I purchased every template and every book she published and I still have them all to this day. The title of the book that this quilt is in is called Quilter’s Starter Kit and it features her Scotty quilt on the cover. This book was for beginners but I would say all her books were for beginners, the patterns were easy the templates were accurately cut and the visuals inside the books made it seem as though you were watching it all over again on the television. One Christmas I made quilts for everyone which I plan to feature each at a later date. However, for my three girls I made each one of them a Scotty quilt, each one had something different which made it uniquely their own. I decided to make an extra one just for myself because I loved the way the pattern turned out. I am very glad I did because my girls are all grown up and they had their quilts on their beds all year round. At their age they did not truly understand the value of those quilts but I know they liked them because they used them so much that they wore them out and I eventually had to recycle what was left of them.

That’s the nice thing about quilting when something becomes worn out it can be recycled into something more memorable. Old shirts and jeans can be cut into scraps and can be given new life into a new project.

I hope my version of this quilt top inspires your creativity.


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