My Blogging Vacation

Vacations are wonderful if you are able and sometimes willing to take them. I decided last year during the holiday that I needed to take a vacation from everything but family and my own personal crafting time (Peace in the Valley). I thought about doing a post before doing my first break in November but I decided my vacation time away from work would be spent with my family and that I would be fully engaged instead being a part-timer because I wanted to accomplish so many things in just one weeks time, I realized it was unrealistic and I needed to prioritize and since my grandchildren are only able to visit a few times a year I decided to set everything else aside. I also was not happy with the idea of just posting anything for the sake of having something posted.

Well then came December and I had to make the same decisions so you know I opted for the family time but I did manage to get some crafting time in and teach a few one on one classes. We decided class was taking a break as well so I gave a few assignments agreed to do some one on ones if needed and we decided to get started again in February after all the family festivities were done.

What I have learned while starting this blog is that it is very important to prioritize. I would love to be a full-time blogger, crafter, baker, and craft teacher but in reality I still work a full-time job. So the realistic goal I set this year was to prioritize even if that meant making a schedule and setting aside some time for each thing I wanted to accomplish. So in January I purchased a wall calendar for scheduling, a budget book of course to help prioritize my finances and lastly an elliptical to prioritize my health.

Most crafters already know some of the projects they have to work on this year and the next year as well. This year I already have a housewarming, a wedding and a few birthday gifts to make. So the after Christmas sales at the craft stores are what I truly look forward to going to and also what I save up for and request those gift cards as gifts for because the best shopping for me is the one you don’t have to spend your own money on.

During my blogging vacation I decided to make a virus blanket I had seen several posted on social media and at the time I saw the blanket I was working on a virus shawl as a gift and so I did not pay it much attention until I started looking for a simple easy pattern with lots of repetition that could be worked up as a quick project. So I went searching for that blanket pattern and found it on Ravelry and saw that this pattern was made by Siena’s Maine Design/Jonna Martinez the pattern could be printed for $3 on Ravelry or you had the option to visit her blog and get the pattern for free, naturally I chose to purchase the pattern the price was more than reasonable and I believe we should support our crafters because everything we do either cost us time or money. As you can see from the photo above the blanket and the colors I chose worked perfectly together.

This Christmas I was given a handmade knitted dishcloth and it finally forced me to retire my sponge. It also forced me to take up my knitting needles which have sat for a few years. Knitting for me took too long for the finished project and my lack of patience for this craft even baffled me because I have the patience for every other craft including cross stitch but knitting for me seemed forever. Well because of these dishcloths I have been reformed on knitting as long as I can make quick projects. I learned how to make these dishcloths and I mean I was hooked absolutely nothing could draw me away I wanted one in all sorts of colors and it was so easy and so fast I could not get enough of making these dishcloths so I had to force myself to STOP at least for the moment because I had other projects to get started on.Click here to see additional photos of some of the dishcloths I managed to get done before moving on.

This Corner to Corner (C2C) was not finished at the time of this photo however I did finish it on my vacation. The colors are beautiful the rose and the multi rose worked well together. There was just one problem I purchased the multi rose colored yarn many years ago probably on sale. I had grabbed about 4 large skeins which I’m sure at the time I thought would have been plenty for any project and it would have been plenty for this C2C if I had scaled it down a bit but I wanted this large and when I ran out of the multi rose colored yarn I thought nothing of it. Even when I couldn’t find it in any of the many craft stores I have to choose from I still thought nothing of it because I thought I could just get online and order it from somewhere else. NOT! I learned a hard lesson and it was heart breaking because now as you can see I have a huge corner for finish and what was I going to do because no one no where was selling this not even the manufacturer and the reason was because the color was discontinued. What a bad word for a crafter I was confused, what did they mean discontinued? How do you discontinue yarn? Don’t they know people still use it and that crafters buy yarn on sale at every opportunity they can. I was at a loss and angry that my beautiful C2C was going to have to sit until I figured something out. The option of taking it a loose to downsize it was out of the question. So it sat for a few weeks, I shared it with the class so that they could learn a very hard lesson on what not to do, there is no lesson learned like a visual lesson. Well I did finish it but I was forced to go with the rose colored yarn to finish up that huge corner, I cannot say I was completely satisfied with the outcome only because it was not what I envisioned when I got started. Click here to see the finished project.

This is the C2C I am working on now it will be a housewarming gift. I do love this pattern it works up so quickly and the colors blend so well together. I used Caron One Pound Expresso, Red Heart Iced Aqua and Red Heart Earth & Sky. If you have not tried this pattern yet I encourage you to head over to Red Hearts website and grab the pattern it is free. I think my next C2C will be done in Red Hearts color of camouflage I think this would look very nice in military colors.

My vacation is over and it feels good to be blogging again about something I have loved since childhood. See you all at the crafting table.

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