Crafting while Busy

Crafters it has been a busy 3 months, no time for blogging just sleeping and crafting. I had made up my mind earlier this year to finish projects I had already started and I tell you it was a fight to the finish to get some of those projects done and posted before June 1st. April was almost a loss because I had put in way too many hours at work and I slept most of the time.

In March I was asked to make something to donate to the Women’s craft fair being held in May, I was excited but at the same time I new my work schedule for April was just ridiculous and I had no idea what to make or how I would get it accomplished by the first Saturday in May. So I expressed my dilemma and she suggested I contribute some dishcloths because they were easy to sell.

This meant I would have to put all the other projects on the back burner and I had just sworn off the knitted dishcloths in February because I was becoming addicted to making them and not getting anything other projects done. So off to Pat Catan’s to get 100% cotton yarn and to my surprise they had just gotten a new cotton yarn by Lion Brand and they had so many different colors to choose from and being the frugal crafter that I am I bought almost every color they had so that I could make dishcloths in just about every color. I did a little each day after work and I do mean a little and sometimes I stayed up too late, I worked myself into exhaustion and I was having second thoughts as to whether I was going to be able to finish the dishcloths in all those different colors I purchased, I realized my expectations were unrealistic so I did what I could what I could do.


April 30th came and the crazy work schedule for that month ended and I did finish enough knitted dishcloths to donate to the Women’s craft fair and I felt such a overwhelming sense of relief and joy. I cannot remember when I last felt so grateful to finish a project on time. After turning them in for display I did take a long nap once I returned home. If you would like to see the dishcloth’s in individual photos click here. As you can see the 100% cotton yarn by Lion Brand came in some beautiful colors, enough colors to compliment any kitchen. I added the hooks so the shoppers who like to hang there dishcloths after use or just for show. The dishcloths were a big hit and each one was wrapped in a ribbon for an added touch of daintiness.


In May I was still behind and racing to get the next project completed. I had started a Corner 2 Corner afghan for my niece along with a few knitted dishcloths to match her kitchen decor. I was preparing for her housewarming party, no date had been set yet but I wanted to ready and not rushing. I worked on those projects and made the deadline I set of May 30th. For the month of June I can slow down and work on a ripple afghan I will be giving as a gift to my soon to be son in law. There will be a wedding in August and I plan on having it finished by then. This is also the time of the year when I like to start my crafting for the Holidays so I have a lot to decide, if you would like to see the dishcloths click here. Please feel free to leave a comment via email, happy crafting everyone.



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