Back to Class Shopping

Well it’s time to prepare for class. All the students are getting ready for school or college and along with that is the shopping which can be fun and costly. I am truly thankful that I’m no longer buying school supplies, paying school fees, and buying school uniforms and sewing clothes for 5 children, for now I get to quilt. There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and it’s full of quilt fabric, yarn, beautiful beads and pretty nifty kitchen gadgets for us bakers.

KitchenAid KP26M1XER 6 Qt. Professional 600 Series - Empire RedMy shopping started early in the summer, I’ve always wanted a pretty red KitchenAid electric mixer but 20 years ago I had to settle for the majestic yellow because the red was always out of stock, it looks so pretty in my kitchen and I’m going to use it this weekend to make a yummy pumpkin pound cake. I am a firm believer in passing things down as family heirlooms so my majestic yellow KitchenAid will be passed down.

The first part of my back to class shopping involved getting all my sewing machines and sergers serviced, I am a loyal customer of Slezak Sewing Center, this guy knows and loves his job and I have purchased many sewing machines and sergers from him, I have two more machines to service and then I’m almost ready for class.

The second part of my back to class shopping involved getting a new sewing/quilting machine for myself just for quilting only. I already have an older Janome New Home which sews and does embroidery and I’ve made a many quilts on my Janome but I wanted something new something different and I have made many inquires, done a lot of research, read a ton of reviews pros and cons and so I took the plunge and purchased a Brother PC420PRW and I’m hoping it’s a keeper and that I can give a very positive review.

I love all the bells and whistles that go with this machine so I made sure to get the rest of the necessary essentials I will need including downloading the manual so I can start studying it now. The extension table was sold separately but as a quilter it is a must have item for me, I felt the price was more than reasonable, no more expensive than the one I purchased for my Janome.

There were not a lot of extras needed but I wanted these additional accessories so I purchased the 1/4″ Piecing foot with guide, Clearview Horizontal foot, Free Motion Foot, Side Cutter, Open Toe Quilting Foot, Open Toe Walking Foot, and of course some additional bobbins, just two more days and I will be acting like it’s Christmas.

Class starts in October and I will have everything ready for my students, we will be quilting, crocheting, beading and baking and having lots of fun.

See you at the sewing table.


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