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  4. A Peek into the Archives – Issue 5 — October 26, 2018
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Nov 20

A Peek into the Archives – Issue 7

Hello Crafters, It’s almost time for the fun to begin at least for those who still wait until after Thanksgiving to put up the Christmas tree and decorations. I will be one of those who wait, I haven’t even started looking for the tree or the decorations. I am glad to be able to listen …

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Nov 12

Thanksgiving Quilt Blocks

Hello Crafters, It’s getting close to the Thanksgiving festivities and family gatherings. It’s a time where we see a lot of volunteerism, the famous Red Kettle with the ringing of the bell. I have a great deal of respect for the people who are willing to stand outside of the stores and silently ask for …

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Nov 03

A Peek into the Archives – Issue 6

Hello Crafters, Oh my! It’s November! I’m so excited it’s time for big family gatherings, decorating the home for Thanksgiving, preparing for the Thanksgiving meal.  I’m still amazed at how fast this time has passed, the Halloween celebrating is past and the children have more then enough candy to last until Christmas. I always look …

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Oct 26

A Peek into the Archives – Issue 5

Hello Crafters, One of my favorite appliqué blocks to make is Sunbonnet Sue. From my Best Loved Quilt Patterns library the Sunbonnet Sue comes with all the templates you would need to make several variations of Sunbonnet Sue. If you would like to see additional sheets for this pattern click here. The history behind Sunbonnet …

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Oct 21

A Peek into the Archives – Issue 4

Hi Crafters, This week while looking in the archives I found some real buried treasures. I found two of my most treasured pieces that I cross stitched many years ago. I also found three of my most used and loved alphabet cross stitch books. My most beat up and used alphabet cross stitch book is …

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Oct 16

Halloween Ornaments

Hello Crafters, It’s time for the celebration that grown-ups and children alike love they get to dress up in costumes that let them be someone or something else for one night. Grown-ups decorate their homes and front yards, turn on the porch lights and await the trick-or-treaters to hand out all those yummy goodies. When …

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Oct 08

A Peek into the Archives – Issue 3

Hi Crafters, This week I found a real blast from the past in the archive. In 1990 Oxmoor House published Best Loved Quilt Patterns and the patterns came approximately every 4 weeks in the mail and I also got the binders for Volume 1 & 2. The quilts were beautifully photographed and the instructions were …

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Oct 02

A Peek into the Archives – Issue 2

Hello crafters, It’s time for a peak into the archives, this week I pulled off the shelf a special bead book from the Petit Boutique Series – Japanese Bead Book #288. When I first started doing beadwork I searched for the best books to purchase as well as some wonderful bead magazines. During my search I …

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Sep 24

A Peek into the Archives – Issue 1

Hello Crafters, It’s the last week of September and all Christmas crafters are at least three months into their projects. I am sorry to say I have not even started. I have another baby project to do and now that I know what colors the mother has chosen for the babies nursery I can now …

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Jul 20

The Wedding Wish List

Let me start by saying the idea for this post came from my youngest, she has made her parents proud, she worked hard studied hard and stayed focused even with a cell phone always in hand. There was the graduation, the graduation party, moving into her first apartment with her childhood BFF and now engaged …

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Jul 17

Making a Memory with a Quilted No-Sew Fabric Ornament

Hi Crafters, I have found a new passion, it has kept me sane and help me drift off to Craft Land. Craft Land that wonderful place where crafters go to escape and dream and plan all the wonderful items we intend to make, intend to gift, intend to share, intend to sell so I can …

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May 24

A Little Bit of Everything

Hello Crafters, I’ve been awl for quite some time from this blog. I did not stop crafting or teaching I have been stretched way too thin, I even joined a charity sewing group and we made some beautiful pillowcase dresses, pajamas and shorts for children in Africa and we even made 100 plus pillowcases for …

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Aug 28

The Santa Bears visit Craft Class

                Hi Crafters I hope you are enjoying this crafting season, it’s time to kick it in gear if your making holiday gifts or home decorations for fall because time is passing quickly. The ladies learned to make some adorable bears to give as gifts. We started these …

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May 31

Crafting while Busy

Crafters it has been a busy 3 months, no time for blogging just sleeping and crafting. I had made up my mind earlier this year to finish projects I had already started and I tell you it was a fight to the finish to get some of those projects done and posted before June 1st. April was …

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Feb 20

My Blogging Vacation

Vacations are wonderful if you are able and sometimes willing to take them. I decided last year during the holiday that I needed to take a vacation from everything but family and my own personal crafting time (Peace in the Valley). I thought about doing a post before doing my first break in November but …

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Sep 09

A Few Quilting Essentials

Time is winding down and there are some definite quilting essentials I wanted for class. I decided to add a few more new items to my list of essentials. I upgraded my EQ quilting software to EQ7, I love being able to design my own quilt tops and scan in my own fabric to see how …

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Sep 06

Sewing Machines for Beginners

Class will be starting in October and I have been researching sewing machines for beginners. I came across so many websites trying to refer the same sewing machines and when I read the reviews and they were numerous, however when you’re looking to make a purchase or a recommendation you must take the time to read the …

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Aug 11

Back to Class Shopping

Well it’s time to prepare for class. All the students are getting ready for school or college and along with that is the shopping which can be fun and costly. I am truly thankful that I’m no longer buying school supplies, paying school fees, and buying school uniforms and sewing clothes for 5 children, for …

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Jun 27

Corner to Corner Afghan

The pattern of the Carpenter Wheel C2C Afghan that inspired me as a crocheter and quilter to try the C2C afghan can be found at the Crochet for Children website. Click on the link next to “full post” and you will then be redirected to the pattern on Facebook. If you are a quilter you will …

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Jun 24

Strawberry Festival

Every year The Historical Society celebrates a Strawberry Festival on the Square. Last year I attended the festival with my daughter for the first time and I was so excited to be going because I love strawberries. When my children were little I would take them to the farms to pick Strawberries, so to have …

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