May 24

A Little Bit of Everything

Hello Crafters, I’ve been awl for quite some time from this blog. I did not stop crafting or teaching I have been stretched way too thin, I even joined a charity sewing group and we made some beautiful pillowcase dresses, pajamas and shorts for children in Africa and we even made 100 plus pillowcases for the local woman and children’s shelter that would be used to store Christmas gifts for the children. Far less expensive than buying bags.

I did make one big change, I swapped Facebook for Instagram because it was far less demanding, just post and go, easy peasy the only drawback for me is that I’m confined to my phone to use the app and that will take some getting use to since I’m use to using a laptop or iPad, screen size does matter to me.

There are so many completed projects I am itching to share, yet I know I cannot do it all at once. So I’ll start off showing the pillowcase pattern I purchased on my own to make additional dresses at home while away from the group. I purchased the pattern from Whimsy Couture located here.

I did not get a chance to snap any photos of the dresses we made as a group to send to Africa, but in the near future I will be making another dress just to add to this blog. I picked up some beautiful material at quilt shop in Harmony, Pa,, while visiting a dear friend just for show. This pattern was so easy to cut out and stitch together, I was able to make up to 3 dresses an evening after work. I would spend a day cutting dresses in various sizes because cutting is so tedious and then stitch a few dresses each night by the time the group met I not only had patterns cut out for the other group members but I also had a few dresses completed.


I later purchased the pattern for the Lovie Lap Quilt with Pockets pattern from Homesewn by Carolyn to make some lap quilts to donate to the church craft fair, its a fundraiser for the youth. You can find the pattern here.

I’ve seen this pattern a thousand times on Pinterest and I finally decided this would be a great gift to make and donate to the church craft fair since several members visit a local assisted living facility. I’m sure someone would love to buy this for a relative, friend or neighbor in a wheelchair.



I used left over material from a baby quilt I made for my niece in February and it came out beautifully, so of course I went and purchased more fabric because that what crafters do when a project turns out so well and the fabric store is having a sale.

I’ll end this blog with the three baby quilts I completed. Last September I learned I had 2 coworkers and a niece who were pregnant and each having a baby one month apart, December, January and February. OMG!
Too late to crochet anything, too late to make baby shower gifts, so I told all three ladies I was making each of their babies a quilt and I needed their baby colors. It was crunch time and the soon to be mommies were in no rush until they learned the sex of the baby, I wanted to pull my hair out.


Finally after nagging I got the colors for the December baby and mom chose yellow and gray, so off to the fabric store and I found it there waiting for me, a beautiful gray and yellow hexagon pattern material with cute little giraffes, I shouted with joy and thought this was going to be easy peasy and I also made a matching fabric ornament to hang in the room. Well everything turned out great but the baby quilt was not easy peasy, it was very time consuming and I literally worked down to the wire but it was worth it because mommy was very pleased, she had a beautiful baby girl.



This beautiful ornament was cut out of the quilt material, along with additional yellow and gray material to match the quilt. Perfect for the Christmas tree and a really neat ornament to hang in the babies room. Certainly a keeper for years to come.






The January baby was a great deal harder to come up with because I got no help from the new expecting mommy, she was very laid back but the dad was in charge and he wanted everything done, room, shopping, shower, etc. He was not into waiting and they could not come together on the room design so she left the room design to him and she did the shower, easy compromise, except I became impatient since I still had one more baby quilt to make, so I decided the quilt would be a surprise and I wasn’t going to tell them, I was going to make it based on something I know they both love.

The daddy to be was well pleased with the outcome, she sent me a photo of him with a huge smile on his face holding up the baby quilt. These two expecting parents love to fish and spend as much time as possible on the water as soon as boating season starts, so when they saw the sailboat quilt surrounded by sea animals in the pretty blue water they were in awe. They both agreed that this was a keeper and would eventually end up as a wall hanging quilt to decorate the room. She had a beautiful baby boy.





The last quilt, yay! My niece was having a boy and she chose black and white as her colors, this was harder than I expected. Such easy colors but I searched three fabric stores looking for just the right patterned material. I had some idea what I wanted to do since she said keep it simple nothing fancy. How do you keep it simple and find just the right material so that it is not too fancy. I spent just as much time designing as I did shopping, I finally came up with several patterns sent her the photos and she picked the one she wanted, I breathed a sigh of relief, now all I had to do was put it together. She was very pleased with the outcome.


I was pleased that I was going to get a break from the adrenaline rush the last 4 months of planning, shopping and sewing every spare moment and also sewing with the group and working a full-time job left me exhausted but the look on those mommies faces was priceless and I truly did have fun.

Please feel free to send me your comments via email.

See you around the crafting table.







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